Tips to keep your bathroom tiles always clean

Frequent cleaning of a home bathroom is essential for all but many individuals forget about the significant of cleaning and maintaining your bathroom tiles. It is a true fact that cleaning your bathroom will be an unpleasant task but it is something you have to do in a regular manner. You are using the bathrooms every day and it is wet most of the times. Soap suds build up all over the place and its appearance will get quire unpleasant. Keeping the bathroom tiles clean and shiny is as well as another hardest challenge but it is very important. Here are a few tips to do this bathroom tiles cleaning task in an easier way.

Using the cleaning solution:

Everyone knows that there are more numbers of efficient bathroom tile cleaners sold currently in the market. These tile cleaning solutions are filled with powerful chemicals that are harmful to the bacteria, virus, and fungus developed in your bathroom tiles. The effective benefits of this cleaning solution make your tiles clean and fresh with the great appearance. When you would not like to go for the harmful chemical solutions sold in the market, you can make use of the suggested natural and harmful way to clean your bathroom tiles.

In order to make your bathroom tiles clean and fresh, you can create your own cleaning solution using the baking soda and white vinegar. You have to just mix a half cup of white vinegar with the ¼ cup of baking soda to clean your bathroom tiles. Mix these two effectual ingredients well until they will be a paste. The home owners can make use of this natural paste of cleaning solution to clean your bathroom tiles. For the effective cleaning process, you can just soak a clean cloth or rag in this solution and wipe bathroom tiles clean. A corner shower will use the same cleaning methods as any other shower.

Other methods to clean bathroom tiles:

Cleaning tile grout – Cleaning the bathroom tile grout has always been the least favorite choice of many people. In order to make this cleaning process effective, you can create one natural cleaning solution with this simple recipe. The house owner has to take ¼ cup of baking soda and mix half a cup of ammonia with it. Then, you need to add 1 tbsp of borax and ½ cup of white vinegar. Mix all these ingredients well and use old toothbrush to effectively clean the tile grout.

Soap scum and other substance cleaning – The soap scum on your sink and bathtub is also a very unpleasant thing to wipe out. Don’t worry, there is an excellent solution to clean your soap scum and any other substances from your bathroom area. In order to remove substances like soap scum from your bathroom tiles, you have to make a special cleaning solution using chlorine bleach and the water. This natural solution is very helpful to easily remove mildew, mould, soap scum, and any other types of stains from your bathroom tiles and grout.

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